Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Practicum 3-Farrell

Hey guys,
I had my first Dreamweaver class tonight!!!! What did I learn? Where to begin....

The class was taught by 2 students, which made the atmosphere quite comfortable. One student went around the classroom helping students while the other acted as the teacher and built the website along with us.

What was nice about the class was that it was very interactive. They had everything set up for us including what to put on our website including texts and images. We worked right along with the trainer. He informed us that we have many options as students to learn and practice Dreamweaver. I had originally attempted to learn Dreamweaver on Lynda.com, but the site required users to pay a subscription fee in order to have access to instructional videos. It was not until tonight that I learned that UW-Madison offers Lynda.com for free to students... pumped!!! Other resources for Dreamweaver include chatting online with a technician for any questions, you can make an appointment with a trainer, or there is a Dreamweaver Manual posted on the tech center's website.

The Class itself was fun because you got a build a website! How cool is that? However, the class was limiting because they showed you how to build a website, but went through the information so quickly, you had no chance to really understand what everything meant. In the end, though, it was cool to see the final product. Here is my very first website (via Dreamweaver class... will be updated with my information soon!)

Dreamweaver is great! It's not really user-friendly, as it is completely complicated, but with UWs resources, the university makes it as user-friendly as they can. I can't imagine how others learn this site without help!!

Here's the breakdown of what I learned in Dreamweaver...
1) First you create and name your site
2) Then you make boxes, or "Divs," for your title, content, and links. Make sure to get the sizes right so everything fits together nicely.
3) Picking colors for backgrounds and fonts was the easiest.. ALL PURPLE!
4) Get title and Content.....I could keep going with this, but already you see the steps add up, and that's not even the half of it!! O the codes and language of technology.. how confusing!!!!!

I plan on making an appointment with a trainer within the next week to dive into my own site. Now that I know how to make one, I need to make one that I want! I plan on looking up Lynda.com videos to help with my work on my own! I'm excited!!

I'll keep you guys updated with the confusing stuff soon!!!! Also, Twitter account coming soon... AH!

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