Sunday, March 27, 2011

Practicum #3--Kate

Working with Digg and Delicious has been great as far as school projects go. I just get to search through all these interesting, quirky, weird sites and videos--much like what I love to do with Stumble Upon, but I chose not to go with that because I already knew it. I waned to try something different.

Overall, I have been enjoying Digg more and the information it provides, but Delicious does have more practical sites when it comes to getting information on computers and the internet, and video games if you're into that.

Getting ready for my presentation tomorrow I had to look into how I studied these sites and why I did, and I figured that I focused more on what users made popular and why. It's much like how on Twitter I get obsessed with what's trending and what tweets are the "top tweets" from what users. I just find it interesting to see what sites people think provide the best information on what days. I also found it really fascinating how two sites that do basically the same thing attracted such different types of users.

I also thought about whether these sites are actually presenting a service, information to the other users. You'll hear my answer tomorrow, but for now here's my question:

Do you think that websites like Digg and Delicious help people learn new information or is it just a source of entertainment, and not an educational resource?

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