Saturday, April 2, 2011

Blog #5 - Brandy Cummings

When I saw that we had to play a game for our blog assignment, I got pretty excited because I never have time to play any games anymore. The title of the game made me laugh.. Plants vs. Zombies? Come on, one would assume that the zombies would win every time. I was able to make it to level 4 of the game. I found myself in panic mode toward the end of a level when a mob of zombies would appear out of no where. They were so creepy looking and I did not understand why some of them had cones on their head. Were those zombies harder to kill off than the others? I was not able to really observe how long it took to kill the zombies off because I was too concentrated on getting more points and planting. I really liked using the cherry bombs because they killed off all the zombies. However, I was barley able to use them because they required 150 points. Once I would get 50 points, I would use those points on a sunflower or potato. After playing a couple levels, I was trying to come up with a strategy in my head. My strategy never seemed to work because I never had enough points. I thought it was helpful that there were screen directions that told you what to do because without them, I probably would have been lost. Overall, I enjoyed playing Plants vs. Zombies and I probably would play it again.

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