Saturday, April 2, 2011

Blog #5-Nicole

Being that it is my practicum to play online games, when reading what we had to do for this blog I was curious to see how this is similar or different from that of Kongregate that I have been playing. I have played "popcap" games before because many are connected with Facebook so while bored in class I occasionally play their games. I wasn't sure at first how much I would like Plants vs. Zombies or if I would even be good at it. After playing a few levels I got into the game quite a bit. I really enjoyed that as you go it would explain what different things meant and how to use them to maximize your "attack". I was glad that this wasn't in a side bar saying what to do that I had to read ahead of time because usually as you level up new things come along and by the time they do I forgot what I read when I originally started the game. Many games that I have been playing on Kongregate either have tutorials or have a side box explaining how the game works so this was different for me then what I have been used to with online games this semester. As I started to get into the game I became somewhat addicting trying to strategize how to set up the plants properly and how many sunflowers to add and such. I enjoyed that with each level something new came about to add more excitement to the game rather than the same stuff every time. Unfortunately, my internet went out at my apartment while I was in the middle of the game. I was so focused on the game that I barely noticed what level I was on and was unable to start back where I had left off. While right now I am into finding new games on Kongregate to play in my spare time and to get to know that site better this is a fun alternative to play as well.

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