Monday, April 4, 2011

Blog #5--Kate Neuens

So, for this blog we had to play Plants vs. Zombies--could be worse assignments!

My initial reaction was I thought it was a very sophisticated game for free, and I didn't have to deal with a stupid advertisement before playing it. I found the game a little slow moving, but the again it was free, so I don't have a right to really complain about it, do I?

I found myself getting sucked into it and wanting to keep on getting new plants. It was also easy to pick up, the game explains everything to you. In the third level a zombie got past me, but apparently those lawn mowers can just run them down. Also, after the third level I got to see my first advertisement, but it was only 10 seconds.

On the 4th level I learned a helpful hint: plant more sunflower plants--you have a better chance at surviving the zombie attack. It really did help me out, I was able to get more suns, leading e to get more destructive plants.

I got to meet Crazy Dave who was...interesting. I didn't really like the bowling level, but I understand that they wanted to switch things. At this level I finally got sick of the music and just had to shut it off. It was kind of creepy too.

I know from reading the other posts that there is a time limit on this game, so it's time to say goodbye to a good distraction.

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