Monday, April 4, 2011

Blog #5- Lauren

I was almost sure that there must've been a typo in the syllabus when I saw that our fifth participation blog post was to play an online game and write about our experience. Not only that, but the game was called Plants vs. Zombies? After I saw that other people had indeed posted on their experience playing this game, I relented that this must in fact be true... we're supposed to play a game for participation credit. AWESOME.

I started playing at first and immediately thought of my roommates. As avid "Stumble Upon" users, they are always incessantly punching away at their keyboard on their laptop playing games like this. Like last night, I glanced over the shoulder of one of my roommates and saw the game she was playing. The premise of the game was so unconventional and abstract that I couldn't stop laughing. I find myself doing this often on behalf of my roommates. I keep thinking, someone REALLY bored had a random thought and put together a super duper abstract game for people to pass time. And that's exactly what I thought of after playing Plants vs. Zombies. I am laughing at myself just playing this game. I'm collecting sun droplets to grow plants that can shoot peas at construction cone-wearing, javelin-using zombies that are attempting to destroy my house...and my later assumption... kill me. The premise of this game is quite amusing. But I have to admit, just like Nina said in her blog... I eventually got pretty into the game. Ahhh, I don't know that I'd say "pretty into," as much as I experienced a lot of anxiety when a couple of zombies got very, very close to my house.

I can see people's amusement with these games. Obviously. My roommates are avid fans of games just like this. Though, in my opinion, this is a gigantic waste of time and contributes to the downfall of attention spans of college students sitting in lecture halls everywhere....I completely get that this is a small release for a lot of people and provide amusement for them for a short period of time.

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