Saturday, April 9, 2011

Blog #6 - Jamie N.

For this exercise I chose the Hulu video called The Office: Welcome Will Ferrell I absolutely love The Office and Will Ferrell so when I saw this video on the Hulu site I HAD to watch it. After seeing this video it made me want to see the whole episode and cannot wait for it to be uploaded. Steve Carell and Will Ferrell together is the best combination, it brought back memories of one of my all time favs 'Anchorman'. By having sneak peak clips of episodes that are coming soon, it makes me keep coming back to Hulu to watch more. Hulu is also a great tool to have when I miss episodes of my favorite shows.

For the YouTube video I chose UCLA Girl Asian Rant. This video was brought up in one of my class discussion with another class. A group of my friends were also talking about how annoying and ridiculous the girl in the video was. It seems that most YouTube videos that get popular I usually hear through word of mouth. When I finally watched this video, I thought it was pretty stupid, not sure what all the hype was about. After watching it, I felt like my intelligence went down three points and it was a huge waste of time. Unless I am told about a video by word of mouth or see a link on someone's Twitter or Facebook, I usually don't go on YouTube to find funny videos to watch in my spare time.

When comparing YouTube Videos with Hulu Videos they seem very different. Hulu's videos are professional looking and are usually based off of TV episodes, News segments (Pres. Obama's Speeches), or Movie Trailers. Hulu is not about making and uploading homemade videos where YouTube is. Like the Asian Rant girl, videos are made and uploaded by individuals, and are low quality and look homemade. To watch funny, entertaining videos YouTube is the place. To watch TV shows legally and with good quality, Hulu is the place.

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