Saturday, April 9, 2011

Practicum #5--Kate

As I discussed in my presentation, and in previous blog posts, both Digg and Delicious have social networks of sorts. I've been trying on both sites to cultivate followers and follow people on my own. Also, I've been trying to get a story that is on the "hotlist" or gets "dugg" that most.

On Delicious it is not as important as on Digg to create a social network and cultivate followers. I followed lots of users on Delicious, bookmarked a lot of cool stories and websites, but to no avail. No one would follow me. I went to a lot of the bookmarks that were on the "hotlist" and looked at the user who had initially posted it and looked at their network and they didn't follow anyone and no one followed them. I've given up on creating a network of followers on Delicious, it's just something that isn't done on the site.

For Digg it is a different story. Users who get their story or website on the top news on the front page have thousands of followers, sometimes tens of thousands. At first I tried following users, hoping they would follow me back. That didn't work so I tried adding a lot more links, and with the more links that I posted, the more followers I got. I'm currently up to eight followers, which may not sound like a lot, but I felt it was a great improvement from zero.

I was also interested in what submissions of mine garnered the most "diggs," comments, and views. My submission with the most diggs is "Mike Huckabee 'Physically Destroyed' All Hard Drives from Time as Governor." My submission with the most comments is also that article (makes sense), but the submission with the most views is "I'm Obsessed with...THIS PIRATE BEDROOM!" This has 30 views, and the Huckabee article is only behind by four views. I find it really interesting that my Huckabee article which had 5 diggs had less views than the Pirate bedroom website, but I thought about it and I look at a lot of articles on Digg without necessarily digging them.

Next goal: Try to get one of my submissions to be on the top news.

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