Sunday, April 10, 2011

Practicum #4 - Randi Russell

Since I haven't been on Second Life in a little while, when I opened the application it required an update. The update was downloadable and took few minutes, however I haven't noticed any differences in the program from the update. Maybe once I travel around a bit, I will see some changes. Today I decided that I wanted to check out the live events that are available on Second Life. When you go to the destination guide you can pick places to teleport to based on events that are happening at that time. A lot of the events are concerts, but some are group games like scavenger hunts. I chose to go to karaoke at "The Noob" bar. There was music playing but I couldn't see anyone singing so I joined the chat with other people that were there and asked them why no one was participating in karaoke. They had said that more people were there earlier but no one wanted to sing. Maybe even if this isn't real life, people still get embarrassed to do things in front of other people. Even though I don't know anyone and people don't know who I really am, when someone asked if I wanted to sing I got nervous and said no. I am curious, though, whether when people participate they sing through a microphone so that it is there real voice. That's what I really wanted to discover at the Karaoke event. I guess I'll have to go to a couple of concerts at the right time to find that one out. The most interesting thing about the events is that they take place in real time. People take time out of their real-life day to go to events on Second Life. It's so interesting to me that we're all sitting at our computers all over the world yet we can all meet in one place on the internet at the same time to enjoy an event together. Second Life still baffles me every time!

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