Sunday, April 10, 2011

Practicum - Brandy Cummings

When I logged back into BatMUD, I could not believe that there were 162 players online. Sometimes I see the same users online every time I log back in. It makes me wonder if these people have a life. I was reading what the users were writing on the discussion board and I came across some interesting conversations. I learned that there are conventions for BatMUD users to go to. These conventions happen once a year in various locations. I guess this MUD is pretty popular. I went on the BatMUD website and at one of the conventions last July, over 200 users showed up to discuss game strategies. I never actually thought these type of meetings happened. In addition, I learned that the BatMUD community is very tight. Relationships have formed between users playing the game. I thought that was completely insane. One of the users even told me that people have gotten married before. I guess Social Moo's are the new dating sites these days. There are also funny quotes admins put on the website from users. One quote in particular stood out to me: "my other ex dumped me when I told her the reason I never came out was because I spent my days and nights
playing a text-based virtual life where I believed I was an immortal wizard looking over a bunch of life-less beings who pretended to be horned men chasing monsters with magical, pointy weapons." This quote makes it clear that games can be addicting. As for my progress in the game, I am learning more text-based commands and slowly but surely my avatar is making her way to different locations. I have not really 'killed' any other creatures in the game world simply because I do not know how to. However, as I travel to different locations I get to learn different magical spells.

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