Sunday, April 10, 2011

Laura's Sixth Practicum Post

Because my last post was overshadowed with my performance I forgot to mention my one big success on the site, which was finally completing the beginners quest and receiving the graduation medal!!!! To complete this quest I had to perform different tasks in nine different games. Some games were interesting and fun to beat but some were horrible. (I will admit that I couldn't beat bubble bully and had to have my boyfriend beat it for me.) The quest gave me 30 additional points on top of all the points I got for the individual games. Like I said in the presentation, the points and medals really don't matter on the site, but I will admit that I felt compelled to beat all nine levels and get the medal. Also, I'm 21 points away from level 4 which is making me play way more than usual. I'm starting to get addicted to the games and keep trying to find new ones that are more on the puzzle side of things.

Along with finding these games I decided I needed to get some kongregate friends. Starting out I just went in a chat room as I was playing cribbage square and asked if we were all playing in the same game..anyone who responded to me I friended. Well technically, I became a fan of them. As Nicole and I described in the presentation. Speaking of Nicole, or should I say Clovis23, we are now mutual friends on Kongregate and I left a "shout" on her wall about how all of my friends got addicted to her favorite game.

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  1. Being a fellow Kongregate I can appreciate more the excitement of accomplishing something on the site so congrats on the graduation medal! After, last week you have really inspired me to actually do a quest so hopefully I can accomplish the beginners quest. I can't believe you are almost at level 4 I have a lot of catching up to do. Like you said even though the points don't matter I'm feeling more compelled to play games that will actually earn me points rather than to just have fun so it's not as embarrassing to be so behind compared to you! Thanks again for the shout on my wall. Hope you are enjoying red remover as well. It's addicting and can earn you badges!!