Sunday, April 10, 2011

Blog #6- Lauren

I thought this participation post was interesting. To examine the differences between YouTube video and Hulu? I wasn't really sure what we were supposed to be looking for but after going to both the sites and watching video on both, I saw subtle differences in both the set up of the actual websites and what each site is intended for.Hulu seems overall to be a more well put together website. It seems more clean, crisp, and more well-o
rganized. YouTube seems to be aiming for efficiency versus aesthetics. YouTube's slogan is "Join the largest world-wide video sharing community!" They both offer accounts and logins, though HuluPLUS is subscription based and offers unlimited access to content on the site, where YouTube is completely free to all users.

The main difference between the two sites is in the purpose for each is used. YouTube is used for circulating viral videos, where Hulu is used to stream programed television and cinema content. This difference is illustrated via the two clips I chose to watch for this post.

The clip I watched from YouTube is from my favorite, beyond f
avorite girl to watch ever. Jenna has a bunch of videos on YouTube and has such acquired so much fame that she has her own site and blog now. Here is a screenshot of my favorite video: "How to avoid talking to people you don't want to talk to." Seriously. Watch her stuff. What I would do to actually be able to meet Jenna in person. Seriously. This video and a lot of her other ones have had thousands and even millions of hits. Everyone does this. You see a funny YouTube video and you post it on someone's Facebook wall or you show a bunch of your friends all huddled around an open laptop at the library. Viral videos are able to stream and gain major popularity in a matter of hours due to the immediacy of this website and of the internet.

The video I watched from Hulu was the episode of Modern Family that I miss
ed last week entitled "Boys' Night." Via Hulu, I am able to catch up on all a lot of the television episodes that I missed live. There's a disclaimer at the bottom of the Hulu screen that tells the viewer that they are also able to view these episodes on ABC. com and that they are put up on the site the day after they air. The video quality on Hulu is much better than YouTube, but again that goes back to the premise of each of the websites. Via YouTube, videos are able to virally stream to anywhere and become nationally and worldly known in a matter of hours. Both of these sites contribute to the massive impact that the immediacy of the internet has had on our world today. But each, in their own different way.

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