Monday, April 11, 2011

Blog #6 - Randi Russell

Lucky for me, I have been spending A LOT of time on both of these sites lately. I think that the major difference is pretty obvious to anyone that has used Hulu and YouTube. Hulu is where you go when you want to watch full episodes or clips from television shows or movies. They do have a wide range of television shows that they offer, but I personally think the movie selection is lacking - perhaps the rights to movies are stricter so it is more difficult to provide the public with movies. My biggest issue with Hulu is that they put a limit on the amount of episodes you can watch. Especially recently, some shows you can only get a 90 second preview until a blurb pops up saying that you can watch the whole thing by subscribing to Hulu plus.

This isn't something that I've come across on YouTube. I know that you can become a member but I'm not positive if you can pay for certain options. It seems like everyone that uses the site has access to the same things, unless I just don't use it enough to realize that there are special options only for paying members. I get everything out of YouTube that I want and I am not even a member. YouTube is different from Hulu in that while it provides clips from shows and movies, you cannot watch an entire episode from a show or a movie. YouTube is also different from Hulu because it has every kind of video you can imagine. There are amateur videos, professional videos, comedy, music, and so many more. I think YouTube is more appealing to young adults because it isn't as professional looking and offers a lot more viewing options than Hulu.

I think that both of the sites are a great resource to audiences that enjoy watching television, movies and other videos. Hulu allows fans to watch shows that they missed on television or episodes that they really enjoyed and watched again. I do think having a limit on the amount of episodes they offer is frustrating though and could make users watch the shows on illegal sites. YouTube is an awesome resource for people just wanting to see a clip of something or watch a short video. I use both of the sites very frequently and probably will continue to do so until they make me start paying for the things that I want to watch.

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