Monday, April 11, 2011

Laura's Hulu vs. Youtube Post

Before I started this blog post I knew my different uses of the websites.. I use Hulu to watch all of the shows I miss because I’m busy during the week and I use youtube when I want to see a clip of something or I want to hear a song I don’t have yet.

Youtube came out two years before Hulu and (in my opinion) was much more innovative. Hulu seemed to just perfect other website’s ideas. That being said I would say Hulu did make the video watching experience much easier because they are actually affiliated with the networks so there are no infringement issues. However, after discussing this article in a journalism class a few weeks ago, I now have a few different thoughts. Hulu is getting scared that sharing shows that other networks make isn’t going to be enough. Thus they are making moves in order to get long term equity. They are even about to produce their own original series!

Because Youtube is user generated, the site gets everything and anything, even videos such as: Me Singing ET by Katy Perry, Girl Walks into a Bar and HOT TWINS! These were some of the featured videos on the main page today.

For this assignment, on Hulu, I watched an episode of 30 Rock, called Plan B. The video ran smoothly and didn’t need much time at all to load. There were a few commercial breaks that were only 30-60 seconds long. It was easy to find the video because of the search bar that takes you right to the show page. The site even lets you know which is the newest episode and puts it prominently on the top of the show’s page.

For Youtube I made the horrible mistake to finally catch up on the pop culture phenomenon, Friday by Rebecca Black. The first thing I noticed was it was difficult to find the actual video because users have uploaded so many parody videos. I finally found the video but this 3 minute video took longer to load than my 22 minute video on Hulu. This video was horrible and I do not recommend it to anyone, it even got 1 million dislikes on Youtube.

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