Saturday, April 23, 2011

Blog #7 - Jamie N.

It has occurred to me that our generation has grown use to relying on computerized things and technology, but until this assignment I never really thought about how much we actually use computerized things. The first thing I used this evening that was computerized was obvious, my laptop computer. I used it for blogging, researching on the Campus Library database for a paper, Twitter, Facebook, listening to Pandora, and just surfing the internet in general. I also used my cellphone, which is basically a pocket sized computer for me. I made a phone call, texted my friends quite often, looked up a restaurant on, checked into Four Star Video Rental Store on Foursquare, played Words with Friends, and checked my email. As I was heating up a cup of tea in the microwave, I realized that the microwave has some sort of computerized system in order to make it work. Never before had I considered the microwave a computerized thing. Another thing that I wouldn't normally consider computerized is my moped and my car, which I used as well. I also used my TV to play Wii Fit, both of which are computerized. I rented the movie, Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, and although I haven't watched it yet, I will use my DVD player later which is also a computerized thing. The last thing that I used that was computerized was my iPod to listen to music and check my Facebook.

After doing this exercise, it seems like most of my night revolved around using some sort of computerized objects. Computerized objects have become a part of today's culture it seems. No matter where you go, you will encounter a computerized thing, for example the cash register at the grocery store, or the treadmill at the gym. On a day to day basis it hasn't crossed my mind before how often and how much we depend on our computerized objects. It makes me wonder how people would react/live if they had to go one day with these technologies??

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  1. I came across a New York Times article and it talked about how back in the day a persons morning routine included having breakfast at the table with their family, reading the newspaper and discussing current events. Now, morning routines for most people include checking their e-mail and doing stuff on their cell phones such as sending a text message or listening to their voicemail. People probably would go nuts if they had to go one day without using technology. I know I would because I would feel as if I missed out on something important or an important message