Sunday, April 24, 2011

Farrell-Practicum 5

Hey guys!
So I just got back from meeting with a trainer to freshen up on the basics of Dreamweaver 1 class while also applying my own ideas to my site. Here is my site so far...

As you can tell, we didn't touch on the links today because i felt I could learn those through the manual available on the Do It Tech Center's website.

I chose to make an appointment with a trainer because I felt this would be the most beneficial thing to do when making a website... personal help. I had a student go through with me step by step how to make the site and starting points. He stopped whenever I had questions and explained things very well.

We first began by drawing out what I wanted my site to look like. I drew it out and we made measurements of pictures and spaces accordingly. We then created a new folder (this was where all my site elements will go) titled "farrell." I learned quick never to capitalize words when using Dreamweaver because it may throw off code later on (this is harder to do than you think). We then created spaces for the Heading, the Links tab, and the content. To do this, you need to insert a div tag, which are HTML tags used to separate content and create a basic structure of your site. I made about 3 div tags titled "heading," "links," and "content." All had different sizes in order to structure the site. For example, my links tag was a smaller width than my content page (width about 250 px and content about 700 px). When inserting a div tag, you must chose to either put it "after tag" or "after end of tag" to display where this new tag will be located. You will give the tag an ID, as mentioned, and a window will pop up where you size your tag. For Dreamweaver you size things in pixels.

ALSO, You must always when putting in div tags have them float to the left in order for all content to flow together.

Some other complicating things were inserting pictures. You must first create an "images" folder within your already made website folder. You will then save your pictures to this folder. You then make a new div tag for the space your picture will be going into. Because I had 2 pictures, I had to size the div tagsand ID them accordingly to give it the look I want: Picture 1-400px, Picture 2-250 px.

I'm sure Ive confused you all beyond belief, but this stuff is really complicated, which is why i felt it was best to meet with a trainer. During the session, the trainer spoke a lot about codes and how making a website is much easier when you know codes. What does that mean? It means when you split the screen in your Dreamweaver, you get 2 screens that appear: 1 with your website and one with all the coding of your website. You can type any codes you want in order to format your website on this page and it will change it on the other, but we decided i was not advanced enough for that.

All in all, the appointment was very beneficial and I made another one right away for Tuesday so I don't miss a beat. Also, during this session I asked if it was possible to put a blog on my site, as I wished to have when I was using other websites to build a webpage. The trainer informed me that I could link to a blog, but not have a blog. Disappointing, but i decided to put my format back to resume like with a personal page, activities page, experience page, and work links page.

I'm choosing to stick with Dreamweaver and not other easy sites because this is a really big challenge. Dreamweaver is so complex but there is so much to learn. Once I have all this information, my site will be more personal to me and I'll then have a skill I can carry with me for a long time. The harder the process the better the outcome!

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