Monday, April 25, 2011

Blog #7-Kristin

Many other people probably had the same question as me "what is computerized?". I will give my definition of computerized: a multimedia device that is connected to the Internet. Using that definition the two things I use regularly at night that fall into this category are my computer and my phone. Specific programs I've used tonight are Microsoft word, Firefox, Apple e-mail shortcut, and iTunes.On my computer I use Firefox to explore the web and research for my upcoming final papers. I send and receive e-mails. On Firefox I also used wisc Libraries to search for articles, google scholar, checked my three different e-mail accounts, and used Learn @ UW to participate in my online discussion for my Geology 517 Monsters and Science class.

I live on my iPhone, I will not deny it. So whenever I go home my dad rattles off who the winner was for most text messages (which until yesterday I did not know that category included e-mails and my media plan). My sister won with a whopping about 300,000 "text messages" and I came in a close second with about 230,000 "text messages". I was astounded and didn't know what to say, so I calculated that I would have to text about 7,000 times (sending and receiving) throughout the day to total that at the end of the month... While that may be possible to LIVE on your phone all day, I do not spend enough time on my phone to rack up that many texts. That aside, I text, check my e-mail, check the news on apps, play fishies and words with friends, and listen to music. My iPhone is by far the best all in one telephone, music player, and camera I've ever had.


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