Monday, April 25, 2011

Blog #7 - Randi Russell

So here I am with my computer at the end of the night, as usual. I'm going to say that this evening started around 7pm, so I've been paying attention to every computerized thing I've done since then. I didn't have my computer on me in my living room when I was hanging out with my roommates but the second we started talking about ordering dinner, I went in my room to get it. Ordering dinner went straight through the computer rather than using my phone to call the restaurant. My computer was around me then in my living room where I was looking through Facebook and checking my grades on Learn@UW. I guess I was also using my phone to check and send emails to group members that I was supposed to meet with tonight. Even though it was on my phone, I think I consider it computerized since email was something that started with computers. While I was on my computer I was also skyping with my cousin catching up on weekend events and talking about our job searches. I wanted to go in my room but didn't want to lose the Skype conversation so my computer stayed open while I cleaned up the kitchen and went into my room. As I cleaned my room and unpacked from Easter, the computer was still on my countertop open so that I could chat with my cousin while I did my other chores. I then turned to online shopping where I proceeded to fill a shopping cart with 16 items (yes, I later reduced it to much less than that). My online shopping spree was interrupted by a Skype call with my boyfriend for about 20 minutes. After that, I peeled myself away and left my computer in my room to go hang out with my roommates for a while. This blogging is the last thing I am doing for the night on my computer. Sad, for the past 5 hours I have basically been on my computer for about 4 of them.

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