Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Blog Post #5- Meredith Nelson

I definitely got addicted to playing plants and zombies. I got to level 5 and probably played for 1.5 hrs. It's a really goofy game. The music cracks me up. There are all these different types of zombies and it takes a different amount of "power" to get them killed. The worst one I encountered was the old newspapering reading zombie. He gets pretty angry when he gets shot. My favorit plants are the double pea shooters. Those little guys get the job done! I realized that planting as many sun flowers as you can is a good idea. It makes the game so much easier and you can win faster. The night time part of the game was really goofy. The sunflowers give you sun but these silly little mushrooms do too. I had a good time playing plants and zombies. I'll probably do it more often when I'm bored.
I'd be interested to see why someone would come up with a game like this. If you really think about it, what about plants killing zombies sounds like fun? Especially because the primary attackers are pea shooters....pea shooters don't sound so cool. I got a little bored of the game after a while. I think it's cool to unlock different levels once you one but I thought earning extra plants was sort of useless/not that rewarding for how much time I spent planting my little plant worriers! I wasn't really sure when the game was going to end...it seemed like there was always another level to get to. Another thing I'd be interested in is how many people play this game. Before this class I had never heard of plants vs. zombies before.
I like little computer games like this that are user friendly and easy to figure out how to play. I prefer puzzle games though. I like text twist and bejeweled a lot better. There was a puzzle option but for some reason I couldn't click on it. I can see how this is fun for someone looking to kill time but I would have a hard time doing this just for fun when I had other things to do.

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