Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Blog #5

Before this blog assignment, I had never heard of this game before. Just like everyone else, as soon as I started playing, I became addicted. It took me awhile to get the hang of the game, but as soon as I did, I couldn't stop. I would constantly set new goals for myself to achieve and I wouldn't stop till I completed them. I'll admit that I did get stressed from time to time.

I thought it was absolutely brilliant to insert commercials in between the levels. People who are playing the game are going to watch the commercials because of how addicting it is. It is the only thing standing between them and completing the next level. It's a great way products to be marketed - it's pretty much guaranteed that your advertisement will be viewed.

I wanted to know more about the game so I looked it up on Wikipedia (reliable, right?). I did find some interesting things though- the game has "received praise" for its musical score and been nominated for Interactive Achievement Awards. I found it incredible that a game as simple and mind-numbing as this could have been recognized for such things.

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