Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Blog#5- Yen

When I first looked at the assignment for this week, I was surprised that our task was to play games and it was a game that I used to play few years ago. A good friend of mine recommended this game to me and told me how amazing this game was. I didn’t really believe him but I did give it a try. At first I felt like it was just a simple childish game when I looked at the name and I thought that the combination of plant and zombies was weird and unappealing. Because of the disappointment I experienced, I wasn’t that engaged in the first few levels because they seemed to be quite easy with those instant tutorials and boring to wait the few zombies to approach the house. As I passed the levels, however, the game started to become more appealing to me when I found that more variations of the characters and background in the game were coming up and the task became more challenging. I found a lot of satisfaction when I defeated the huge wave of zombies and collect those cards for new weapons at the end of each level. They were rewarding and encouraging me to continue playing no matter what the weather was in the game. I came to a point when I was so into the game that I spent hours getting the levels done and was getting more and more focus in thinking about my strategies in killing the zombies and planting my weapons. I didn’t finish the whole game eventually because it made me frustrated in the higher levels but I was able to collect some of the trophies and tried the other challenges.

I am not a big fan of computer games but Plant vs. Zombies was the one and only that get me addicted to it and spent my whole summer vacation with these plants and zombies to pass the levels and achieve those trophies at the end of the game. I ended up recommending this game to some of my friends. I thought that the design of the game was cute and easy to play. It was a really good game that can help users to kill time when they are bored. It was player-friendly and I discovered how computer games can affect users after engaging in this game.

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