Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Practicum 6- Lauren

Going back over some of the older home-page posts, I came across a blog post recapping the Golden Globes. The post detailed the various nominations that Glee was up for as well as a plethora of YouTube videos that showed the cast and crew at the big event. Glee took home awards for three of the five nominations received including Best Supporting Actor (Chris Colfer), Best Supporting Actress (Jane Lynch), and Best TV Series (Comedy or Musical) for the second year in a row! At the bottom of the blog post there is room for Gleefan user comments. There are almost 100 user comments, talking about everything from how cute one of the cast members looked, to kudos to the poster for such an excellent article.

These home-page blog posts are dictated by the creators and administrators of the Gleefan site, and are usually about the current happenings or personal lives of the various characters of the show in the real world. This keeps the fans in tune not only with the characters they love so much that they see on screen every week, but only strengthens that attachment by providing information about their personal lives. It makes the fans feel like they really know these actors/ actresses and have a relationship with them. Over the discussion forums, they talk about the characters and subsequent actors like they are best friends with them. THIS is the type of activity and formed connections that fan sites like Gleefan promote. They give the fans an outlet for their passion/ love the series and everything related with it. They’ve formed such an extensive infatuation with the television show and associated paratexts, and this site affords these fans an outlet for this adoration.

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