Friday, April 8, 2011

Blog #6 - Brandy Cummings

On YouTube I watched the music video ‘Baby’ by Justin Bieber. I thought it was crazy that Justin Bieber’s video had 505,327,043 views. I do not understand why everybody is crazy over him. I will admit that I do find some of his songs catchy, but I have no desire to see him in concert. I also find it crazy that Justin Bieber got discovered on YouTube. This shows how popular YouTube is. In fact, I use YouTube more than I use my Ipod. It is just so convenient to use especially when I am doing something on my computer. One thing I do not like about YouTube is when a music video is presented by Vevo. Even though Vevo has higher quality picture, it takes forever to load on my computer. Another thing that I enjoy about YouTube is reading the comments about a music video. There is practically a new comment every minute and sometimes arguments even arise. On Hulu, I decided to watch an episode of Dancing with the Stars. Hulu videos load much faster than YouTube videos do which is a plus because I hate it when it takes forever for something to load. I also like Hulu because you can skip to any part of a show whereas on YouTube, if you want to skip to a part of a song you have to wait for it to buffer. Overall, I would say that I prefer to watch a video on Hulu rather than on YouTube.

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