Friday, April 8, 2011

Practicum - Brandy Cummings

I spent a couple hours after class today messing around with BatMUD and every time I play the game, I feel that I become more confused. As we learned in lecture yesterday, the game world does not stop just because we may not be logged in or playing. There are so many other people playing the game that the game just keeps on going. So when I log myself back in, I have to read the conversations between users in order to find out what I have missed. I found it interesting to learn that experienced players can build their own items such as a ship. I also realized that there is no music or sound in this game. When I play a game, I usually like to turn up the sound/music. There was a newbie making a comment on the 'newbie channel' about how BatMUD needs 'pump up' music in order to get him more into the game. I have to agree with him because I find playing in pure silence rather dull and boring. I was really exited that I made it to the island of Laenor. I have no clue how I was able to get to that island. I was asking other newbies on the newbie channel how to move to different locations and they told me what keyboard commands to type in so I just followed their directions. Now that I am starting to kind of get the hang of the game, I feel that other users are being more friendly and helpful when I ask them a question.

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