Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Blog#6- Yen

I chose to watch a recent viral video Off The Pill – Rebecca Black (Friday) on Youtube made by nigahiga as recommended by a friend of mine on Facebook. It is a response video towards the Friday video by Rebecca Black and the UCLA Girl Asian Rant video. The response sounds mean but hilarious too. There are ads coming up before I play the video but fortunately I was allowed to skip the ad after 10 seconds.

For Hulu, I chose the episode Original Song from Glee to watch. This is my first time to hear about Hulu and I didn’t realize that we can actually watch different TV shows and movies here before that. However, I found that it is quite annoying to wait for the ads and the fact that I can’t skip them. I got demotivated to continue watching the episodes when the ads are seem to be quite long and unappealing. So far I think that Hulu is a good site for me to trace missed TV programs but I don’t think I will use this as often as Youtube because the videos are relatively longer and it takes much more time to watch the episodes plus the ads. It won’t be a good site to visit if I just want some short entertainment during my free time.

When comparing the two sites, I think Hulu is mainly a place where you can find a variety of episodes and Youtube is a platform where you can share any kinds of videos despite of the categories, time and content. Another thing that Hulu is different from Youtube is that watching commercial in between the scenes is mandatory. You cannot move on with the episode if you don’t wait and let the commercial play. In Youtube, ads do appear but you are given a choice to continue watching it or not. Also, their ads are relatively shorter than the ones in Hulu which makes it more acceptable for users. I prefer Youtube than Hulu because it allows me to freely choose what I want to watch and I can have a better control on the time I spend on the videos because they are shorter and easier to watch.

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