Monday, April 4, 2011

Laura Stingl's Blog 5

Because my computer is terribly slow I decided to go try the game at a library and needless to say, I was mocked mercilessly by the people I was with, who "had actual homework to do." But I'm pretty used to this because of my practicum assignment of playing Kongregate games. At first, I thought the game was pretty entertaining. I appreciated the fact that the directions came along with the game instead of having to memorize them before the game starts, like in many games on Kongregate. The slow pace of incorporating new elements was very good for a new player. As I got a few levels in, I started to get very bored of collecting suns and buying a variety of things that will assist in killing zombies. Maybe I'm just getting sick of playing flash games, but I had no motivation to beat the game. This might also be because now on Kongragate I'm trying to gain achievements, so this game was not helping me level up!

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