Sunday, April 3, 2011

Practicum #4-Kristin

I have been exploring the website more, and recently I found little "quizzes" you can take on your profile. These quizzes get posted to your profile and your results tell you and anyone who views your profile about your personality traits based upon your answers in the quiz. One of the quizzes is called "Discover the Power of the Color Code". The Color Code is something you fill out to tell other users about your personality. Th website emphasizes that this quiz is FREE. The "questions" you answer are not real questions, they list a bunch of different personality traits and you pick the one of four that you think is most like you and reflects your personality. I did not like the groups of words that you had to choose from in each question because some of them I would not use to describe my personality at all, but you still had to pick one trait. I think this quiz is not very accurate in measuring personality and could be misleading. Part 2 of the quiz gave you situations and you had choices to answer how you did, have, or would respond in a specific situation. I took the quiz and I think it is a waste of time. It reminded me of one of those personality quizzes on MySpace.

According to, my personality is: BLUE (The Do-Gooders): Core Motive = Intimacy, this doesn't mean sex, but the need to connect, share feelings, and build relationships with others. This means that my personality traits are:
  • Analytical
  • Committed
  • Compassionate
  • Dedicated
  • Deliberate
  • Dependable
  • Emotional
  • Loyal
  • Nurturing
  • Quality-seeking
  • Respectful
  • Sincere
  • Thoughtful
  • Well-mannered

BLUES seek opportunities to genuinely connect with others, and need to be understood and appreciated. Everything you do as a BLUE has to be quality-based, or you won't do it at all. You are incredibly loyal to friends, employers, employees, and above all to your spouse. Whatever or whomever you commit to is your sole (and soul) focus. As a BLUE, you love to serve and will give freely of yourself in order to nurture the lives of others.

BLUES have distinct preferences and are the most controlling of the four personalities, although they may not acknowledge (or even realize) the fact. Your code of ethics is remarkably strong and you expect others to live honest, committed lives as well. You enjoy sharing meaningful moments in conversation with your partner, as well as remembering special life events (e.g., birthdays and anniversaries).

If I want to I have the option of hiding my Color Code results, but since I don't really care I am not going to hide them.

In my next post I will tell you about the Kibitz Corner which is a different question everyday and your answer gets posted to your profile.

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