Sunday, April 24, 2011

Laura's Blog 7

Today was a pretty average media use day. I mainly just used my HP laptop. On my laptop, I went on Facebook, where I wrote on my friend's wall about seeing him the night before, clicked attending to a movie that I may or may not go to and checked a message from my sister. I also checked my Gmail incessantly waiting for any word from the internship I'm still trying to get this summer and sent a message to my Dad this link: because we loved the bed intruders time. After I procrastinated enough, I went on the library website and looked up articles for my research paper for Journalism 565. I got bored very fast with that so I stumbled onto different websites for awhile until I got my ipod out and played words with friends against my mom and my sister that lives in Spain. Lastly, I wanted to chill for the rest of the night so I watched Gilmore Girls on DVD on my old school APEX TV. It is pretty easy to switch between different mediums since during all of these activities I was texting on my phone.

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