Monday, April 4, 2011

Laura's Fifth Practicum Post

Because Nicole and I have the same website, we were able to talk out the problems we've both been having with Kongregate. One of the problems is the problem of status. I learned that the points, the levels and the medals are all pretty much pointless on the site. They are just for bragging rights. The site is lacking an unlocking feature that gives special opportunities to higher leveled players. I feel as though the levels just allows the veteran players to discriminate against the lower level players. (because no one is very much help to a level 1) Another huge part about having the levels/point amount public information, is that it encourages users to keep coming back to the games so they can fit into this online world. Kongregate is different from many other gaming sites/console games because everyone plays games that they want to play instead of one common high intensity game that everyone is playing. This makes the site less of a community and less of a competition.

The question for my presentation goes along with this issue: How does the status of levels and points affect a person's involvement in the site?

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