Monday, April 4, 2011

Practicum #5-Nicole

Today I experienced the social networking aspect of Kongregate by joining in on a chat and needless to say I was surprised as to what I experienced. I had previously held back from adding to conversations much normally just adding a hey hoping for someone to respond but typically getting lost in other's conversations. I had witnessed a girl sign on and have about 6 people in the chat all know who she was by name and greet her individually asking about her day and such. I decided to join in on the conversation today full on hoping someone would respond. After a little bit of pestering I got noticed and was included into the conversation. As this was happening I totally forgot about the game that I was playing and ended up losing it because I was focused on chat. Even though my game was over I could still be involved in the chat. As I was talking, another player privately messaged me within the conversation. I tried to get to know the person better to get a feel for who plays on Kongregate explaining I was doing this for a class only to be called a creeper and for him to stop responding. I was on chat at the same time as my fellow CA346er Laura so we somewhat ganged up on the conversation to get our voices heard. I noticed that the conversations are typically very off topic and immature. One thing that should be noted is that everyone in the chat room at the time is not playing the same game which I didn't know at first. I find it very interesting how on Kongregate it creates a social network within the gaming site by having chat rooms, make a shout (similar to a status on facebook), add friends and have a profile. I'm not quite sure how I feel about this which is why prior to our presentation tomorrow I present the question to the class as follows:

"Do you think it's a good idea to add social networking to a gaming site? Why or why not?"


  1. Ah! somehow my comment got deleted..well I know I left this shout on "Clovis23"'s kongregate wall, but I got 4 of my friends to play red remover till the end of the game! It is soo addicting! The only thing I don't like is to unlock the final levels you need to play in bonus mode which is just annoying.

  2. Thanks again for the shout on Kongregate it makes me feel a little bit more legit especially now that you friended me! I'm glad you and your friends are into red remover it seems so basic but it gets addicting fast. What was your favorite or most addicting game on the site again? I'm looking for a new one to try so I can level up some more. Newly level 2 is a bit embarrassing at this point!