Monday, April 4, 2011

Practicum #4 - Kelsey

LoL is actually going well. I'm getting used to a few of the characters that I play as on a regular basis now. I think I said before I like playing ranged/carry characters, and I'm starting to get a system and strategy going. There have been a few interesting moments with comments made by other players that have been funny, but I'll touch on that tomorrow in our presentation. Right now I'm still working on which items I use in game, commonly referred to as a build. What's interesting about LoL is that although I'm at level 7, everyone starts each match at level 1 and goes up from there, so each game is an opportunity to test out new strategies. I did play a match the other day where one of the characters on our side dropped out before the game even started so we played 4 v 5, which is pretty much a guarantee to lose right away unfortunately. We had a vote to surrender, but it was a draw, so we played the entire game and were basically decimated, which isn't a lot of fun to play. In any case, since I present tomorrow I will leave you with this question to think on:

Do you think a game of League of Legends is reaching a broader audience because they don't charge a purchase or subscription fee?

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