Thursday, April 21, 2011

Laura's seventh practicum post

After looking at my classmate's 7th blog post I saw someone who decided to look up information about their site, so I decided to follow suit. Because I have been playing on Kongregate for months now and don't know much about it. (Except that it is too hard to reach level four.) Kongregate is an online host website created by a brother and sister team. The original design was created by Happy Cog Studios and now GameStop owns it. Users create all the games as Adobe Flash or Unity 3D . The badges and scores are only for those games that choose to feature API. API stands for application programming interface, which is a set of rules that allows software programs to communicate with each other.

This week, as I was on Kongregate I decided to play a game that was tailored directly for the female users. It was called "Being Fashion Girls." I will say now it was the WORST game on all of Kongregate. This game was worse than all the role-playing games or game where you are a wizard or dragon..which is saying something because those games are awful. In this game you are a big-boobed girl who needs to get her hair and make-up done before playing with her cat.

I wish this was a joke, but here is the description of the game: "A girl named Esther loves cute cats. She is going to have a walk with her cat. Dress her up. Choose good-looking clothes and stylish hairstyle. You can adjust the color by using the central palette. Then paint her face, and wear a pretty necklace. She is the most fashionable cat girl."

So I played the "game" the quickly rated it one star, at least I got a point for doing that!

Sadly, this mac I'm using won't allow me to upload this ridiculous photo of the girl. I might try later when I'm on my PC.

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