Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Practicum Post #7 - Jamie N.

While playing around on Club Penguin, I was having a hard time making new discoveries. For my last post I decided that I wanted to test out the censorship of Club Penguin. I read in the rules that swearing is banned, but I wanted to find out for myself what happens if a penguin swears. In the chat box that is provided I decided to test it out. So I started out by saying words that I thought might be inappropriate for tweens. The first word that I typed was "suck," I know it isn't a horrible word but I remember my parents always yelling at me for saying it. Instead, they wanted me to say "stinks". When I typed "suck" nothing bad happened, in fact it allowed me to say "suck" and displayed it letter for letter. I thought it might use symbols or asterisks in place of some of the letters, but it didn't. With the next word, I took it to the extreme to see if Club Penguin was going to ban me or if they would just censor my language as I typed. I used a four letter word that starts with an 'F' and rhymes with duck. I think we all know this one. lol The second that I hit the enter key to say this word, it kicked me out of Club Penguin. I got the following message.
I had a feeling that I my language would be censored, but I didn't realize that Club Penguin would kick me out for 24 hours. This feature on Club Penguin is a plus for Parents who are hesitant to let their children play games online and be part of social networking sites. Knowing that your children are in a safe environment is essential. By kicking kids off who use bad language, it teaches them a good lesson. If they want to play games online with their friends then they have to behave appropriately. 'Til next time, Waddle On!

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