Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Practicum Post #6 - Jamie N.

Today in the Club Penguin World I wanted to experiment by playing multiplayer games vs. single player games to see which ones I liked the most. The first one that I played was a single player game called Hydro-Hopper. The purpose of the game is to go tubbing behind the boat without hitting any objects (like a stump, submarine, duck, etc.) Each time you play you get 4 lives, and as time goes on, you can advance to harder levels with more obstacles to avoid. This game was fun, and kind of addicting. It reminds of any old casual game like Plants vs. Zombies. I liked playing the single player games, but I found the multiplayer games to be a bit more fun.
The first multiplayer game that I played was called Sled Racing. Anywhere from 2-4 penguins can play at a time. Each round the penguins line up at the top of the hill and race down to the finish. On the slope there are jumps, barriers that make you fall off your tube if you don't maneuver, and rocks that pop your tube if you go over them. The jumps are helpful and speed you up, but the others slow you down and put you behind in the race. I found it fun to be able to challenge other penguins and see who had the best sledding skills. The multiplayer games make this site seem more like a social networking or gaming site. If I were a kid this type of game would keep me coming back to the site.
The last Multiplayer game that I played was Connect 4. This one was fun because it made you think and use strategy skills, but there wasn't anything new or exciting about it. Plain old Connect 4. However, every time I played a new game my opponent would always quit half way through. It was like they weren't winning (not to brag, lol) so then they quit, and it became kind of frustrating. I think that penguins should NOT have the option to quit, it teaches bad lessons for children.

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