Monday, April 11, 2011

Post #6-Kristin YouTube vs. Hulu Videos

YouTube vs. Hulu Videos

On YouTube I watched "i are cute kitten". This kitten was adorable, but I felt bad because it was put places on purpose to squeeze out of or climb out of it. This video looked like a video of the LOL CATS still photos. Throughout the video, "LOL CAT" -esque words would pop up in between places the people put the kitten. The kitten was adorable and could pose for LOL CATS They put the cat in a coffee brewer, a glass, a back pack, a lunch bag, the fridge, on a floaty in the water, on a NON LIT grill, under the covers of a bed..and a few other places. This kitten was, in a way, tortured.. I felt bad, but it was adorable. I found this video on the home screen of YouTube under my recommended videos. It was a very amateur video with weird, but playful background music, and many cuts and clips put together. Occasionally, you could hear the kitten meeeeeeow.

On Hulu I watched "Will Ferrell Meets the Staff" of the Office on The Office. I found it under popular clips. It was very professionally done, unlike the "i are cute kitten" video. I picked this clip because I love Will Ferrell, I think he is hilarious. In this video he just became the new manager and Dwight was really upset because his opportunity was "squandered." This video had two clips or cuts put together because it was filmed with Ferrell giving his welcoming speech and then Dwight in a confessional about the devastating loss and blow to his ego.

YouTube has amateur videos and professional videos. Hulu only has professional videos and clips to watch on the website. On Hulu you can watch movies, TV shows, clips, and trailers. On YouTube you have the ability to watch a vast range of clips, videos, and short films. I use both websites to watch things on. When I miss TV shows and want to watch movies I go to Hulu, and when I want something hilarious that is under 3 minutes, I go to YouTube.


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