Monday, April 11, 2011

Blog Post #6- Meredith Nelson

I generally go to youtube to watch music videos or random funny home made videos. When I use Hulu, it's usually for a TV show. I tried to search for music videos on Hulu and there weren't any that I could find. It seems like Hulu is more fgro TV shows. Also, I noticed that the quality of the Hulu videos is generally better than the youtube videos. There weren't any home made videos on Hulu either. As far as youtube goes, when I tried to find a whole episode of CSI, it popped up in 9 minute segments, whereas with Hulu I could watch the whole episode. Youtube has home made videos, music videos and other random things.
The two sites have very different layout when you first get to the home page. They both display the most popular videos on the home and give you the ability to search for things at the top. However, Hulu has other catagories such as: recent videos and my videos. There is also an section at the top with advertisments for movies that are are about to be released in theaters. Youtube, on the homepage, doesn't appear to have an advertising at all.
Overall, the two differ the most in quality and the diveristy of content. Youtube has more to offer but a lot of their videos aren't the best quality. Hulu on the other hand has a better selection of TV shows even though it does not give you the ability to post your own videos or view music videos.

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