Sunday, April 17, 2011

Practicum #5 - Kelsey

I had an interesting email from League of Legends the other day. Apparently because of server trouble in the past they're awarding all players who have logged on in March free Riot Points (RP). You might recall RP are the ones you pay for to purchase additional characters and skins compared to Influence Points (IP) which are earned in game. I thought this was really interesting because there are a lot of websites out there where if you have trouble logging in or they're having server problems they kind of just write it off as sorry we're down, sucks to be you. The fact that LoL would offer a free gift to all players is kind of cool.

Additionally, there is a champion called Akali who has a nurse skin, and yes if you look through all of the skins for female characters you'll notice the shameless pandering to the fanboys, but they're actually using it for a good cause because all of the proceeds from purchasing that skin for Akali has been donated to relief efforts in Japan, over $100,000. I think it's cool that not only is the game really rather fun to play but that the people behind the game give back to the players and the community as well. Knowing that about Riot games makes me want to keep playing and perhaps not mind actually spending money on the game in the future.


  1. How much does it cost for a month again? That must be costing the site a lot of money. Not only is that really cool, it is also a good way to gain reliability with their users. I think that was a really smart choice on the company's part, its a good way to create brand loyalty.

  2. LoL is free to play, unless you purchase Riot Points to buy characters/skins, so I have no idea how they're affording it, but it shows they're doing something right, I think!

  3. I got an email from Netflix not too long ago apologizing for a problem they had with their instant streaming service for a couple of days. Although I didn't notice the outage, they refunded a couple of dollars to my account.

    I also remember a few years ago there was a service outage with Xbox LIVE, and as an apology Microsoft bought all LIVE users a free Xbox Arcade Game.