Monday, April 18, 2011

Practicum Post #7-Kristin

My final practicum post--I will tell you about my most recent findings on I recently found out, while searching through the many bells and whistles on the website, that I can see how many people have viewed my profile, e-mailed me, "flirted with me", and have wanted to instant message. BUT, unfortunately, I cannot read or see any of these because I am not a paying member. I do find it interesting, somewhat embarrassing, and slightly offensive simultaneously that the website keeps tallies for me about this stuff. How would you feel if no one, or barely anyone looked at your profile? That thought is sad and depressing to me.

After spending countless hours looking at different parts of this website and trying to find as many ways possible to engage with other members (which was an epic fail because you have to pay), I found that this website is more than just a dating website. It is obvious that, like profiles on facebook, JDate members can create their own identity and show other members on the website what they want people to know about themselves. Members have the ability to constitute their own identities through what information they do or do not share. I have noticed that there is a strong sense of community on the website. There are lots of ways for members to interact with each other. They can message, blog, chat, and talk to successfully married members on JAlumni (through The website also allows its members to be participants, observers, or participant observers; I am an observer, I could barely participate in the website, but I could explore. Those three main themes I will discuss in my paper and how they tie into what we have learned in this class.

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