Monday, April 18, 2011

Practicum #6--Kate

I'm proud to say that I now have 17 followers on Digg. So far none on Delicious. Like I've mentioned in previous blog posts this is not important on Delicious at all. I have found with the more stories or websites I post on Digg, the more followers I am prone to get. Once I put a story on that has at least a couple views, I will get a couple of followers, and when I don't post anything for a couple of days the followers will start coming in slower.

So far my submission of Edible Pen has still gotten the most diggs of my most recent submissions, which is disappointing because I thought I had submitted much better stories, like how much was Fresh Prince's cab fare. I think it really comes down to timing, the title, and just sheer luck to get a story to do really well on Digg.

I know rag on Delicious a lot, but that website is just a hot mess. I also think it is a little bit of the fact that the website is just not made for me. I mean, one of the top bookmarks on Delcious is 8 Essential Web Typography Resources. That's just not for me.

While I have used these websites for entertainment purposes thus far, I have never brought up how the sits have a very basic, useful feature: they save your bookmarks. In case your computer ever crashes, all your favorite websites are saved. Delicious seems to be more about this tool, but makes itself uninviting and stiff in the process. Digg seems to be leaning towards an entertainment site, but still makes it a hell of a lot easier to save bookmarks. All you ahve to do is copy and past the website into "Save Bookmark" and the title is inserted for you as well as picture. Delicious does not do this, and once again Delicious comes out on top.

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