Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Practicum #6 - Randi Russell

Recently on Second Life I've been feeling a little lost and not sure of what else I could really do without spending money on Second Life. I haven't really made any friends besides the people that happen to be in the same place that I am at the same time that I chat with when I am there. I guess I don't want to build any relationships with people since I am not going to be a Second Lifer for much longer and most of these people are using Second Life very seriously. Rather than traveling around to different bars or places, this week I looked at the other options on the "Destination Guide" and I decided to take a further look at Second Life's website to see what they offer. First, looking at the website it's basically a big guide for what you can do in Second Life. There are different tabs labeled "shopping", "community", "buy land", etc.. All of these tabs explain further what you can do in these categories when you are actually in Second Life. They explain the different things that you can do and have a whole list of frequently asked questions. Since I have already experienced a lot of the things that the website talks about, I decided to look more into the "community" tab because I think that is what I have the least amount of knowledge in. The Community section of the website discusses events, groups and blogs. I have already seen how the events portion of Second Life looks so I decided to look into groups and blogs. A lot of times on Second Life when you go to a specific destination, you will be asked to join a group of people that I guess normally go to that place. I have joined some of those groups and I get messages on Second Life every once in a while from them. However, on the website they have the option for you to type in any keyword or topic that interests you and an array of groups comes up that you could join with people that have the same interest as you. The blog is the other thing that the website offered under community. From what I saw looking at the blog, it seemed like the majority of postings were about new updates to Second Life or new things that you could purchase to enhance your experience on Second Life.

In Second Life, I also looked at different options under the Destination Guide, leading me to classifieds. Classifieds were basically a list of things for sale; mostly houses, clothes, or new things to add to your inventory. This didn't really interest me so I went to the groups option and found a group about zombies. It said something about how long can you last when you get attacked by zombies, so obviously I was going to risk my avatars life and see what it was all about. Basically, I teleported to a creepy looking building, and a group of about 10 zombies just came after me and messages kept popping up saying Rosie was bit by a zombie. Not really sure what that was all about but it was kind of funny. Second Life never fails to amaze me.

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