Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Practicum #7- Nina

As the semester is ending, I will be making my 7th official practicum post today. But if I stumble across something on Twitter that I need to share, please don't be surprised by another post. Twitter has become one of the only outlets I use to get news updates, because it filters all my interests. Before I had a Twitter, I wasn't nearly as informed on current events as I am now!
As I reflect on my Twitter experience, I have definitely come along way, but more importantly, many of my initial thoughts about Twitter have changed. I use to think that Twitter was not as personal as something like Facebook , but it is now clear to me that it has the potential to be even more personal. On Twitter it is completely acceptable to say what is on your mind at any moment of the day and also tell people your location. On Facebook, I feel like statuses are more for monumental facts, like a quote, or telling people to go to an event, not how you are feeling or where you are. Additionally, I use to think the main use of Twitter was to stay up to date with current events and things you are interested in, rather than single individuals. However, as I still think that is partially true, I have come to recognize that Twitter can actually be a better way to really keep in touch with your friends and know how they are feeling.
To personally gain attention on the site is still not my goal, I tweet when I have something to say, I follow who I want and I read an interesting article when I want . I am not to the point of tweeting my every emotion or location. More so, I still haven't noticed any type of action that is discouraged. Maybe the more veteran users can fill me in?
All and all, I am really glad that I did this for my practicum project, this is definitely a site I will continue using and probably at one point replace my Facebook with, because it is a great mix of professional and personal in one.


  1. Not sure why there is two different fonts. sorry

  2. As someone who’s just recently begun to up their Tweet output, I totally know what you mean. At first I thought it was pretty useless to Tweet unless you were a celebrity, but then I started seeing more and more of my friends popping up around it, and we began to open up our own streams of conversation within the Twitter atmosphere. It sort of began to feel like our own miniature community outside of Facebook and texting. Like you said, the thing about Twitter is that it’s really more of a sounding board where you can say what you want to no one in particular and see if anyone has anything to say about it, where as Facebook status’ are more of a thought out declaration. I find Twitter particularly more useful for updating your continuous thoughts during a sporting event, where I don’t feel any pressure to not post too many updates (something I can’t say is true on Facebook). I, too, am seriously beginning to wonder how much Twitter might impede on Facebook’s social grounds in the near future. It will definitely be an interesting thing to watch for as the years progress.