Saturday, April 9, 2011

Practicum Post #6-Kristin

I also got e-mails about Jdate members that I might be interested in... I find this to be very similar to the side tab on Facebook that shows you people who are friends with your friends that you might know (and therefore might want to friend). The website does absolutely all it can to encourage and help you to find someone you are interested in. At first I thought was kind of creepy, but the more I spend time on the website, I realize that it's a very professional website that is a dating website and a social network.

So I promised to take that other profile quiz and give the results. Right now 14242 people are on the Jdate website. That is a lot of people. I answered those daily questions in the Kibitz corner. They are questions like "Being Jewish to me means____" and you fill in the blank. I said being culturally connected and good food. My best friends are Jewish, and if you don't know, they make really good food you've never tried in your life. Another question was "What is your favorite movie?", "what inspires you" and "what is your secret talent?". There is a text box that you can fill in. Under the text box you can see other users that answered that same question and see their responses. My answers show up under the "Kibitz" tab in my profile. I'll include a picture so you can see. That's all for now!


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