Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Blog #7 - A Night of Computing

In some ways, it is easier to list every activity I do that does not involve computerization than to list all that does. Given my work, my entertainment, and my health, almost every action I take involves it.

We will say my night begins with dinner. Given that I am a type I diabetic, I need to check my blood sugar on a computerized meter, which then sends commands to my insulin pump which is attached to me as to how much insulin I should take for blood sugar. I then interact with the pump directly, to add more for the meal I am eating. I am only warming up pizza, and my microwave has various settings to make that pizza come out as good as possible, with different focuses and temperatures.

When my "meal" is ready, I sit down in my living room and turn on an episode of Supernatural from my home media server, which streams to my television/monitor. I am partway through the episode already, and my video software automatically restarts it from the time it was at when I closed it. While the show is on in the background, I read and write on my laptop, and do so for several hours.

Eventually it becomes time to take some of my night medicines for my various maladies, and I am reminded of it via a popup window from Google Calendar as well as a notification on my Droid phone. After taking them, I get ready for bed, setting up my phone to start playing music at 7:30am for an alarm. With that, I start a movie to listen to in the background as I go to bed, set the laptop to power down after the movie is complete, and go to sleep.

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