Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Practicum #7-Nicole

I can't believe this is my final practicum post for the Kongregate site. I now have such a routine to play on the site during work I don't think I will stop playing anytime soon especially with finals week coming up I have a feeling I will be wanting to take multiple study breaks and I would recommend this site to anyone who needs a break. In my last post I said how I wanted to try to do a quest. I have started a quest but have not been as successful as I had hoped. I started playing "Elephant Quest" which takes you through a series of levels to complete and as you do so you earn more badges and points to add to your overall point total. While it is exciting to earn more points I quickly lost interest in playing the same games over and over again so I quickly learned quests aren't the thing for me. However, I did venture over to the achievements tab and went under the badges section. Here they lay out various badges one can earn which also earns you overall points. I thought I would give earning badges a chance and started dabbling in the beginner badges. I have now played many games that normally I would have never came across if I had been going about picking games the way I previously was. This just reminded me all over again how many games there really are on Kongregate and how there is something for everyone.

First I attempted a badge for a game that is similar to Red Remover where you level up but if you die you don’t have to start over. They don’t call it the “frustration badge” for nothing. I got through the first few levels but I finally got stuck on one and I got way too frustrated I couldn’t complete the task. Next, I found a game where you launch a turtle out of a cannon called “Toss the Turtle.” The goal is to basically make the turtle goes as far as he can before he dies and earn “money” in the process. After a few tries at this it was just way too gory for my taste so it was on to the next badge.

Finally I cam across my new obsession called “Music Catch 2.” At first I didn’t know what to expect from the game but I thought I would give it a chance because I so badly wanted to earn another badge. I would highly recommend this game to anyone who wants to relax because the classical music that plays and the notes come out to the tune is so peaceful. Having high anxiety with all my final papers and exams this game hit the spot. There is no clicking of the mouse but rather just running the mouse of certain color notes to earn points to as I said before the most relaxing music I’ve heard in awhile. I was so into the came and beyond calm that I lost track of time and was late to my next class. In the process of playing the game I earned another badge called “Flying Purple Power Eater.” I wasn’t even aware that I won the badge until I signed on again now and saw that my total points increased. Looking into the game some more it appears that there are even more badges that one can win while playing so I know what I will be doing now in between studying.

While I never finished a quest or got past level 2 I feel like I thoroughly immersed myself in this website. Even though I had reservations at first as to if I would find a game that I am interested in I now have at least five solid games that are all of a different nature that I go to when I am bored. I would highly recommend this site to anyone who wants to casually play games because there is something for everyone. For me I had more fun just finding more games to get addicted to rather than to earn points but if you want a competitive atmosphere you can also find that here. In the end Kongregate is what you make of it and for me it was all about fun games to pass the time!

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