Monday, May 2, 2011

Farrell- Practicum 6

Hey guys!

Met with a trainer again today...almost finished with my website!! I've got one more appointment tomorrow to put the finishing touches on it and it is all done!! Tomorrow I'll post it both on my Twitter and Facebook and spread the word!! Here is my website so far...

Today I learned about links and added other pages to my website. Links are pretty simple. I had a list made previous to my appointment with all the pages I would like to have linked to my home. With the help of the trainer, I was able to make 5 new pages all linked together. To make a new page is simple. Simply go to File "new" and title the page whatever you'd like (Personal, Education, Work, Activities)...Save, then create. To make the link on the home page to this page you highlight the word and find the line at the bottom of the page called "link" (irnoically). Then either click "browse" to find the page you had just saved or put a website in this line if you would like the highlighted word to directly link to another website. It's actually pretty easy!

Also, with links on the page rather than to a page, you simply do the same thing (highlight the word and type in the "link" box the address you would like to link it to.

I also added text to my website today. This is a simple copy and paste procedure into the div tag. Today my trainer taught me a new way to put in a div tag (a quicker way:)). I explained in an ealier blog what div tags were and how to use them. Now I found that if you go up to the right corner and switch the term from "common" to "layout" and select "draw div tag" you do not have to go through all of the measurments and you can simply draw your own and put whatever you'd like in it. Why wasn't i taught this earlier? Because its like math...first learn the complicated way and then learn it on the calculator in 15 seconds.

Other than that my site is really coming along. I'm excited to finish it tomorrow and show all of my friends what I've been doing. I've started to gain interest by spreading the name of my website around because that's my hook!

I also wanted to add that the Trainer appointments that Do It Tech Center offer are really great! If you need help with any technical project they give one-on-one help so that you can really learn a lot while getting the personal attention you need to do your project. I would highly reccomend them to anyone!!

Other than that, look for my final post and my site tomorrow!!!

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