Monday, May 2, 2011

Practicum #6 - Kristen

After my previous post, I wanted to look more into how and why certain videos become so popular on the web. Although it is probably obvious to most of you, I still cannot believe the effects that networking has. With Youtube alone, you can Tweet a video, post it to somebody's Facebook wall, send the link via email or post it on your own personal website. One of the most popular ways to broadcast a video is to link it via your twitter account. I have not yet succumbed to getting a Twitter, although I have a feeling it will happen soon. The ability to link these different websites to one another is the reason why Youtube has made the progress it has. The more people know about it, the more willing they are to upload their personal videos that could possibly be a big hit. Something I forgot to mention in my previous practicum post is that for the video, "David Goes to the Dentist," there is advertising before you can watch the clip. This goes for many other home videos that are extremely popular. I personally find it hard to believe that companies pay to have you watch their clips before you watch someone else's home video - that in itself took no money to create.

In most cases, Youtube is used to market oneself. Whether it's a stage parent posting videos of their "star child" or a struggling musician, most videos are trying to sell something to the viewer. One of my favorite videos of a father and daughter singing the song, "Home" ( is not only trying to amuse the viewer - they are asking people for money. The kids I babysit showed an extremely bizarre series of videos with me about a kid named Fred ( At times it is humorous, but it is not just about pleasing the viewer. You are encourage to buy merchandise and products that market his clips. While most people use Youtube for enjoyment and pleasure purposes, almost every video has a motive. Very few videos are for that purpose and I find that extremely interesting!

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