Sunday, May 1, 2011

Practicum #7--Kate

So, for my final blog entry I was interested to see how quickly news showed up on digg, and how fast very important news stories got dugg. My idea about this obviously came when I learned Osama Bin Laden was dead.

I went on Digg and saw that there were lots of stories on it, and one had been dugg 29 times, and this was about 20 minutes after the news broke. On Delicious it was only dugg seven times, but there was another interesting story about the first credible report of Bin Laden's death spread like wildfire on Twitter, and that was saved three time. I really loved this article because this is how I learned before I ran around my house yelling at all my roomies that Bin Laden was dead.

Update: about 50 minutes after learning the news the story has now been dugg 35 times and saved 10 times on Delicious.

Overall, I've had a great time with the practicum project. Digg, if you've paid attention to my blog posts, is much better than Delicious, in my opinion, and I think I'm going to spend some time in my paper talking about how these differences in layout, design, the type of user, really impact the usability and just the sheer desirability of wanting to use the two sites.

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