Sunday, May 1, 2011

Practicum #7 - Kelsey

So for this last post I kind of just wanted to reflect on this project and how far I've come in playing LoL since that first terrifying tutorial game.

You might recall that when I started I wasn't sure how much I was actually going to enjoy playing it since I had chosen it at the recommendations of my friends and then realized it wasn't what I was expecting an MMO to be. I had been thinking along the lines of WoW or Runescape and had no desire what-so-ever to play a strategy based game, but I gave it a show anyway.

The game play itself was easy to pick up, even if the lack of customization was annoying/disappointing/surprising, but I had a lot to learn, what a gank was, what calling mia was, what a tank vs a carry was supposed to do. I had to try out a ton of characters, learn which items to buy and build, and like any game, find what worked for me. I will admit, I'm still surprised how much fun I have playing, I didn't think I was going to like LoL much at all for everything it wasn't, but the fact that people don't tend to get bent out of shape about losing, and they don't rip on new players, and the game makers actually seem to be aware and working with their community make it worth it. This past week almost every other time I've pulled it open I've had updates for my game waiting, new characters, new items, updated graphics...there's a new map being released shortly, and it's all free to play!

Things I still don't like are the players who intentionally have 'baby' accounts to kill off new players, playing with strangers who don't know how to work with/communicate with their teams, and generally just how much stuff there is to learn/know, because it's not as easy as creating a character and going off into the world to explore, there's a lot of stuff that has to be figured out, as you saw in my last post about runes/spells/builds. I also don't like losing, but that's neither here nor there, that's just something I don't think anyone likes. Unless I'm being obnoxious intentionally while playing Super Smash Brothers, but that is a whole other subject.

So what this project has left me with are a few things. One is that I don't actually hate real-time strategy games. Two is that there are gamer communities out there who are really chill and accepting of new players. Three is that identity isn't always important. And four is that you can't make assumptions about a game. I assumed all mmos were created equal/same goals in mind. This is obviously not true, LoL and WoW have very little in common. I assumed because it's RTS I wouldn't like it and wouldn't be good at it, also not true although occasionally I do suck. Where am I going to go from here? Well, Irelia and Katarina are free this week, and I'd like to try them both out...which you can take to mean I'll probably playing LoL even though I'm technically finished with this project.

Now if only I can convince my brother to play...

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