Monday, January 24, 2011

Blog # 2 - Brandy

I never realized how many milestones the internet has gone through to become what it is today. Honestly, I never knew the history behind how the internet came into existence before watching this video clip. I found it very interesting to learn that people saw potential in computers to share information on research and development in scientific and military fields to multiple users during the Cold War. Sometimes I get annoyed with my parents when they do not know how to do something on the internet. I keep forgetting that when my parents were born, the early internet was a new, complex system that everyone had to learn how to use. Now, the internet is even more complex and I feel that sometimes people take it for granted. For example, wireless internet has grown rapidly in the past few years. Without wireless, travelers would not be able to connect to the internet while they are away from their home or office. Many public places provide us with free Wi-Fi access. This provides convenience for people and I feel that some do not appreciate it as much as they should. After watching this video, I feel that I take the internet for granted. It was not an easy process for the internet to become this revolutionary medium that connects everyone together. I am glad I got to watch this video because I now understand the history behind this remarkable web.

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