Monday, February 28, 2011

Blog #4 - Google "Eric Swierczek"

The first link that comes up is another Eric Swierczek's Facebook page. Surprisingly, my FB page doesn't come up at all, which kind of makes me happy because I'm not totally happy with how Facebook handles personal information. The next 3 links are correct to me: my twitter account, a link to my work's website with my bio on it, and finally my LinkedIn account. There was one link to this blog, while the rest of the links on the homepage are either other ES's or just spam about "there are x ES's in the United States."

The only thing that really worries me is that the last link correctly identifies my home address and parents' names. I'm not sure where this information came from, but I also realized that some of my Facebook images are underneath...

Eventually, you also find my Vimeo account and my high school's award page.

To reiterate, for the most part I'm happy with the amount of information that comes up on Google. My LinkedIn account and work website make it easy to learn something quick about my work experience, and luckily (somehow) my Facebook doesn't seem to come up at all (to keep my personal life private). To be honest, I'm kind of surprised that more information doesn't come up about me because in my high school days I spent a lot of time online registered with a few online games and associated sites. Apparently, time healed those wounds :).

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